Sustainability at Werenfridus (Erasmusproject BaPN)

Alyssa Veintimilla, Mingus van Wankum, Jelle Hessing en Sandra Ale vertellen...

Geplaatst op 23-11-2018

Our school is heated by hot air and underfloor heating. There are several checkpoints throughout the building which make sure the climate is good.

The hot air is created by heat pumps: the warm air produced by these pumps travels through the building, and when the air is purified, it is sent outside, but not before it meets the incoming air, which gives energy for heating up the water tubes of the underfloor heating.

Our school has boilers, but they are only used if it is extremely cold outside.

Our school also has plastic window frames and windows containing a special gas which keeps the cold outside and absorbs warmth. These special windows are so called HR+++ windows.

On the roof of our building there are 340 solar panels which provide energy for the heat pumps to work. We even can see how much electricity we have induced (and how much we have used so far), as shown below.

All lights in school are LED-lights: they use less energy and they last longer.

Each and every class room has a motion sensor, which turns on if motion is sensed, so when someone enters the classroom. It also works the other way around: if there is no motion in a class room, the lights are switched off. The picture on the right shows the ‘control room’ which processes all information sent by the motion sensors.

On of the pictures show the tubes for the climate control.

And at last, in every class room is a special blanket attached at the ceiling, which filters the air. These blankets need to be cleaned every year, to maintain clean and fresh air without pollen, bacteria etc.

We are proud to be students in this amazing building! Please click this link for all the pictures.

Alyssa Veintimilla, Mingus van Wankum, Jelle Hessing en Sandra Ale





Werenfridus is een van de drie locaties van het Tabor College.